Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Plank-A-Day Challenge

Hey y'all, I have been busy recovering from surgery (feeling good by the way) and sharing my Facebook Page I Survived & Now I Run and I have a challenge for YOU!

I found this Plank-A-Day Challenge via Eat Clean + Weight Train + Cardio = Progress one of my new Facebook friends and decided to issue the challenge on my own page as well! This challenge originated with Get Fit With Blake who is also found on Facebook. Everyone knows how to do a plank, but by the end of May you should be able to do a plank for 5 whole long minutes.  How strong will your core be by then? Wholly Guacamole you could bounce a quarter off them abs.  I'm thinking a whole lot stronger than it is right now.  I can already hold a plank for a little over a minute already so you can feel free to start wherever you are. 

Day 1 and 2 of the Plank Challenge √ done. So who's with me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? (chirp chirp)  I'm gonna go find a quarter, I got me some bouncing to do.

Oh now wait, don't go so soon...I also thought that I would do a Facebook page, Twitter, & Instagram link up.  So here is my Facebook page I Survived & Now I Run, (please click my FB page and click the like button) my twitter Shananagins2468 and my Instagram shananagins2468 now leave me your links in the comment section. Hope y'all have a wonderful day and don't forget to get your plank on today! 

Godspeed...this comes from the Middle English expression "God spede (you)", a wish for success and fortune for one setting out on an enterprise, voyage, adventure, or travels. It may also mean good luck.

"Limitations only exist if you let them"

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  1. I like the idea of a plank-a-day challenge. I do one almost every day, but my longest so far has been 2 minutes. I can't imagine 5 minutes!

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    Facebook page:

    1. lol.. I said that about running 3 miles. "I can't IMAGINE me running a 5k".. You'll get there!

    2. haha! Very true. I remember saying that same thing about running, and now I run half marathons regularly. Hmm ... a 5-minute plank is my future! :c)

  2. Do you have any idea of how hard that position is on a Bear? I don't think Bears are made for doing that. Planks are for building decks. What would a Bear do with a deck?

    Sorry, don't do twitter (it's for twits) or Instagram. See you on Facebook.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  3. After a month I still struggle with 1 minutes planks. Good luck

  4. Count me in on the challenge...starting tomorrow. I've lost my way on planks and need to get dialed back in. What a great way to rebuild the core. Thanks!!

  5. LOVE this challenge! Thanks for sharing...I'm saving it to my computer! So glad you are feeling better, too!

  6. Good lord, a 5-minute plank!?!?!? I have never been a fan of doing planks but I grudgingly force myself to do them 3-5 times per week because I know how good they are for the body. Right now my plank PR is 2:20 and it really does seem inconceivable that I could ever do a 5-minute plank. But thanks for hosting this challenge - I can certainly use all the motivation I can get for planking!!!


I'm so happy you stopped by...can't wait to hear all you've got to say! Blessings and hugs!


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