Sunday, April 7, 2013

Update On My Week

Oh my goodness, it has been a busy week.  The whole family has been working out, at our local YMCA, all week. My hubby has been gun-ho to get his workout on all of the sudden, and I am MORE than happy to oblige him.

I am OVER the top PROUD of him.  He says he is tired of being fat, and he is super motivated to get in shape.  This is an answer to many a prayer.  To say I love and am proud of him would be a major understatement...but I am.  

This weeks workouts...

  • Sunday Walking 17 minutes for a total of 71 calories burned.
  • Monday Arc Trainer 20 minutes, Rowing 15 minutes for a total of  405 calories burned.    
  • Tuesday Run/Walk 34 minutes, Arc 10 minutes, Rowing 11 minutes for a total of 551 calories burned.
  • Wednesday Run/Walk 38 minutes, Walk (with hubby) 17 minutes for a total of 401 calories burned.
  • Thursday Rest day
  • Friday AMT 41 minutes for a total of 519 calories burned.
  • Saturday Bike trainer 35 minutes for a total of 315 calories burned.
I truly hope you are having a great weekend, I know I am.  Blessings and hugs. 
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  1. That's awesome he's now involved! That makes such a difference when both spouses are on the healthy track.

  2. It's cool to see how your motivation can encourage others to get active. I'm glad working out has become a family affair!

    1. It is so good when it becomes a family thing, isn't it?

    2. Ali, it's been a blast...Melanie so glad to meet you, heading over your way now!

  3. Looks like a great week!! That's awesome about your hubby!! :) I'm sure that will help keep you motivated as well!! :) Have a great week!!


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