Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running Bloggers Survey

I know I already posted this morning but wanted to join in on the Running Bloggers Survey as well!

Best Run Ever
That would be my first run ever...The 40th Stage Coach Run in Jacksonville Oregon.  It was my first official race after my cancer, surgery and treatment.  I felt so accomplished after I crossed that finish line.
Three Words That Describe My Running
My Go-To Running Outfit
Compression capri's I got from Old Navy, running bra, new uber berry Reebok flex shoes, and usually a running tank of some kind.
I Won’t Run Outside When It’s…
 Hot and humid as it makes me sick to my stomach and last year I got heat exhaustion from it.
Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It
My pelvic stress fracture I sustained last year while training for my 1st half, which I had to miss.  I took the whole summer off from running and most walking, stayed in bed when needed and pretty much just swam all summer long. I was able to start taking walks sometime in August I think, and then started to run again in November...I am back to normal now!
I Felt Most Like a Badass Runner When…
I completely killed my 1st ever PR by over 4 minutes...I also felt like a Bad Ass my last race (1st race post injury) when I beat my Pr by 28 seconds.
Potential Running Goal for 2013
 To complete my half marathon training without injury and run the race in September.
My Next Race Is…
At this time that would be my half marathon in September, but we runners know this could change in the blink of an eye. 

Now go over and link up with Kelly The Culinarian and have fun with the survey. 

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  1. Wow, you've overcome a lot! Good luck in September.

    1. Kovas, thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for the support...You rock!

  2. Great answers! You really have overcome a lot and should be very proud of yourself!

    I love these quizzy-type things :) I'm kinda pressed for time this week, but will definitely try to answer these as soon as possible!

    1. Any time is good Laura, thanks so much for stopping by sweetie

  3. So glad to have found your blog. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


    1. Thanks so much Sylvia for the follow and for stopping by sweetie!

  4. How exciting! I've been a runner for decades but over the last few years, I've had a few setbacks with my foot and again with my knee. Getting better but I don't run as often as I'd like. Your blog is inspirational! Wishing you the best.

    1. Luana, thank you so much for such kind words...hope that you get back to running more often and that you heal from your injuries...

  5. Thank you for writing this - I enjoyed reading more about your journey. I appreciate your input!

  6. New follower here! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Old Navy's running gear is my favorite! :0)


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