Saturday, April 20, 2013

R Is For...Rest & Recovery Days

REST or recovery days are very important to work in to your training schedule.  You may love to run or bike or swim, but your body really does need a break every once in awhile to ensure that you stay injury free. Just ask me, boy did I learn the hard way!

I am guilty of trying to push through my training to the point of exhaustion and there is that one time I fractured my pelvis but let's not rehash that whole saga, where I am forced to take time off just to be able to function in the other areas of my busy life.  My life cannot always be about running.  I am a and life is too short to focus only on my running.  

REST days, for me, are either a light workout at the gym, (think easy biking) taking a short easy walk or hanging out at the Casa with the family.  We enjoy working out in the yard together, going to the movies, and watching Mad Men or some other series on Netflix. We do other things together as well but those are some of the things we are doing now. My friends and I try to get together once a week for an early lunch where we can catch up on each others lives and visit. 

WHATEVER you do on your rest days, just make sure you take time off from training every once in awhile.  I'm sure your family and loved ones will appreciate you more for it. Don't let life pass you by, remember to hug the ones you love, kiss your honey more often than not, do a kind deed and say I love you...just because.

  1. WHAT are some of the things you do on your rest days? 
  2. DO you work out on your rest days?
  3. DOES a rest day mean your family will find you sleeping on the couch all day or watching TV in your jammies eating bon-bons?
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  1. I'm not in training like you, so I do two days at the gym and one day off. Plus there's yard work and stuff in between.

    1. Yard work is good too...nothing like being out in nature...whether it's running or's all good

  2. I agree that rest is important. I read,knit, go to the movies.

  3. R is for rest...I did too much of that this week :)
    Happy A-Z Saturday!

  4. Well since I started lifting again I try to take two days out of the week to not lift at all, I tend to do cardio on those days.

  5. I wrote about this very thing! Surprise, surprise :)
    Rest days make me happy and rejuvenated.

  6. Your post is beautifully written and inspiring.
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  7. I agree that rest is so important!!

  8. Around here, every day is rest day. I think that covers the matter, Shannon.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  9. I definitely struggle with rest but it's important!!!

  10. When I used to work, heavily, Wednesday was always my 'rest day'...I used to really look forward to 'hump' day so I could take a break from busting my hump! :)

  11. Shannon, I loved this post. Rest is so important but also so easy to overlook. I've very much learned the hard way that more is not always better. On my rest days, I either do no real exercise or I just do a light or moderate yoga video!

  12. Great word, Rest (and recovery). I rest by watching a familiar movie.


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