Thursday, April 18, 2013

P Is For...Plateau Effect

PLATEAU EFFECT occurs when a formerly effective measure ceases to cause further change, or in layman's terms when what you have been doing no longer works. This effect can occur in weight loss, running and even body building.  

MOSTLY we hear about the plateau effect happening to people trying to lose weight.  It has happened to me several times in my life.  A person can be going along losing weight steadily week after week, and then Wham o nothing...week after week.  Our bodies will become accustomed to what we do and demand more to ensure continued success. 

WEIGHT loss demands so much from our minds and bodies.  We have to stay focused but not obsessed on the number of calories we put in our bodies, and the types of foods we eat.  I try to eat clean (vegan) most of the time but I also make sure to eat sinful foods once in awhile so I don't fall off the wagon completely.  For example, I eat a dark chocolate square (a few times a week) when I need something sweet, or I will have a decaf coffee with sugar free french vanilla creamer, it satisfies my sweet tooth and I feel like I've been just a little bit bad.

UNFORTUNATELY a lot of people fall off the food wagon when they hit a plateau and end up gaining all their weight back plus some. I speak from experience. The trick is to not let it get you down, let it go and move forward.  Change up what you are doing, and that could mean upping your calories by 200 for 4-7 days (I know, it sounds horrible) then lower them back down to what they were for 4-7 days until you start to lose again (this is called cycling). Our bodies are amazing machines, and can adapt and overcome a lot.  

IT could also mean changing up your exercise regime'.  Like I said before, our bodies can become accustomed to the exercise or amount of exertion we are putting in, often times all it takes is adding in high intensity bursts here and there to make a difference.  Try it, and see where it gets you.

  1. Have you ever hit a plateau?
  2. If so, what kind was it, running, weight loss, body building?
  3. Do you just like how the word plateau rolls off the tongue?
  4. Have you seen the sunshine today?   

Godspeed...this comes from the Middle English expression "God spede (you)", a wish for success and fortune for one setting out on an enterprise, voyage, adventure, or travels. It may also mean good luck. 

 "Limitations only exist if you let them" 

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  1. I'm nominating you for a Leibster Award!

    1. Awww Thanks so much Stephanie...I will do my best to get that post out when I find some!

  2. Just know the plateaus will happen. The body is adjusting and balancing.
    Little treats now and then are smart.

  3. I have seen the sunshine today. It was warm and felt so good. Currently all 4 of my pets are fighting for the best sunbeams:)

    1. I have 2 fur babies and they love to sleep in the patches of sunshine when the curtains and door are open

  4. I think I am in a permanent plateau, LOL. I've been trying for years to drop about 15-20 pounds, but I can never seem to make a dent in it no matter what I do! Will have to just keep trying...

    We've been hit with massive floods here in Chicago the past few days. So sadly, it's just been dark and overcast here and I have not truly seen the sun in quite some time. =( But it's supposed to get much nicer this weekend!!! =D

    1. I have been there girl...the weather has been hit and miss here...right now it's all sunshine and sparkles but the other day it was overcast and raining

  5. I have hit the weight loss plateau many times. I'll try your plan. And those little squares of dark chocolate are my go-to, too.
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

    1. Kathy I love those little dark squares of heaven

  6. 1. Yes
    2. In weight loss.
    3. Yes... yes I do.
    4. I have, cutting the grass this morning.

  7. Good thoughts, Shannon. I'm a big Bear, meaning that I weigh more than some would think healthy. I say, "Whatever." My doctor and I will discuss this next week.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting


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