Friday, March 22, 2013

Funny Friday & Iliotibial Band Issues

A Friday Funny
Anyone out there in the blogosphere ever have issues with their IT band?  IT band syndrome or iliotibial band syndrome is a real drag. The continual rubbing of the band over the lateral femoral epicondyle, combined with the repeated flexion and extension of the knee during running may cause the area to become inflamed. (Excerpt taken from Wikipedia)

The pain is right about where the band meets the side of my knee (where that blue circle is)...ouch! There is a lump right there and it is basically a constant annoyance at this point. I so love running, but I really hate the aches and pains it causes...Lol!  I skipped my run today to rest my leg and will try to run tomorrow. I have been doing deep massage on it and that seems to be breaking up the lump, we shall see how it feels tomorrow.  Anyone have any other suggestions or tips? On a lighter note my shins are doing well. (Smile)

My youngest (15yo) son went in for his 5 week X-Ray and check up...the doctor says he looks great and that the collar-bone is making new bone quite well.  He still cannot do his weight lifting class for another 4 weeks so he is kind of bummed about that, but all in all it was a great checkup. The doctor had to ask me if I was his mother...I told him it wasn't the first time someone asked that question, most people think I am his sister.  (Smile) 

This week has been pretty good to me, Tuesday I weighed myself and found I'd lost 2.4 lbs.  My exercise this week looks like this.
  • Monday-Running 25 minutes walking 8 for a total of 33 minutes and 313 calories burned
  • Tuesday-Cleaned like a mad-woman possessed for 60 minutes for a total of approx. 200 calories burned
  • Wednesday-Running 38 minutes for a total of 392 calories burned
  • Thursday-Rest
  • Friday-Adaptive Motion Trainer 25 minutes for a total of 305 calories burned   
My weekly totals so far are as follows.
Exercise minutes 156
Calories burned 1210
I still have Saturday to go!

Happy Friday to you all, may your weekends be blessed with sunny skies and warm temps.  Blessings and hugs! Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Godspeed...this comes from the Middle English expression "God spede (you)", a wish for success and fortune for one setting out on an enterprise, voyage, adventure, or travels. It may also mean good luck. 

 "Limitations only exist if you let them" 

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  1. Wow, I'm sorry. Don't know what else to suggest.
    Doing great with the calorie burning though!

    1. Alex your a doll...thanks so much for your concern...I think I have figured out what the real problem's a hamstring issue...ergh!

  2. I have ITBS and the only thing that helps is glute/hip strengthening exercises and the foam roller! :o) Now I can run pain free most days, as long as I stay on top of it.

    1. Ali, thanks so much sweetie for stopping by...i so need a foam roller!

  3. A good sports physio will treat it right and give you good advice - especially to build up your core strength by doing squats and lunges. The foam roller too.

    1. that is something i cannot afford right now anyway...thanks so much for coming by...i do need to strengthen my core and hips and glutes...


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