Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Running Again...Woohoo!

Well my friends I have started to get back into running/jogging and my heart is happy! Today I went on an hour long walk/run and on it I was fabulously blessed with beautiful Autumn colors everywhere I looked.

(Multi-color foliage)

(Orange foliage)

(Red foliage)

(Yellow foliage)

(Tri-color trees)
(Anyone know what these are?)
This is what I saw while out on my walk/run this morning...I am surrounded by beauty! 

I have been having some trouble with my heart again...palpitations and pressure from chest to head at the same time...I am used to having palpitations but usually they are few and far between.  Lately they are constant companions and I feel miserable as well as fatigued more than normal.  I have had my heart checked out before and the doc's cannot tell me what is causing the palpitations nor do they seem to want to do the work to find out.  There was talk of mitral valve prolapse, and tachycardia...also could be atrial fibrillation...none of which will kill me but they can cause serious problems if they are severe.  I may have to have more tests if the palpitations don't stop or at least become less severe.

My Thyroid specialist called me to tell me she wants to see me since I have thyroid cancer and am a high risk patient! Apparently I am never going to be rid of this cancer completely since it has a high rate of reoccurence and I am a high risk patient! This makes me furious but I know I can deal with whatever cancer throws my way.  God has brought me this far and I am confident He will continue to be with me!  I guess I was just hoping to be done with cancer for good, but I am sure it could always be worse...right! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger and all that jazz! 

This weekend I went to my mama's for one of our famous girl's weekends...we have a sweet time! I woke up Saturday and went for a 40 minute walk/jog, it felt so great to move my legs that way again.  I woke up Sunday with sore inner thighs...I forgot that you work those muscles when you run.  Here are a couple of pictures I took along the way.

(green, yellow and red foliage)

(House I spent several teen years in)

(Trailer court I spent said years in, the white house is to the left, out of picture)
Godspeed...this comes from the Middle English expression "God spede (you)", a wish for success and fortune for one setting out on an enterprise, voyage, adventure, or travels. It may also mean good luck. 

 "Limitations only exist if you let them" 

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  1. It has been wonderful being part of your journey back to running! It makes my heart sing to see your blog! The colors are wonderful.

  2. Yay for running again! I'm happy for you!

  3. Glad you're running again!

    Not glad at all to hear about your thyroid specialist's call and heart palpitations. Is living dangerous to your health, perhaps?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  4. Glad you're running :)
    Sorry about the health battles.
    Rooting for you from CA!

  5. I love running this time of the year. All the colors and the lack of heat make things a lot better for me out on the road. Sorry to hear about the continuing health issues. Best of luck to you in continuing to fight them off.


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