Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yard Work, Painting & School's Finally Here

Hey there, long time no see...Hope this post finds everyone happy, healthy and ready for school to start back up. 

My 3 children are finally back in school, save for the one who graduated this summer, (yes I have four children) he is working full time now, wow...time sure does fly by these days.  Have you ever noticed how much faster time goes by when you reach 40?  I sure have.

The whole family has been working the last 2 weeks or so getting this fence put up and stained with a solid stain.  It was a lot of fun building it as a family and boy howdy, was it needed.  We have been wanting a fence for about 3 yrs and the framing has been up for a little over a year already...the hubby and I had to re-frame the whole thing again, as the other wood was falling apart (a bad buy) although we didn't need to replace the fence posts, thank goodness.  We also put in a new gravel pathway in front of our house (even though it is city property) it needed to be done.

This is the new well house that my hubby, sons and I built to replace the old one that was falling apart at the seams (literally).  I had fun embellishing it with stencil art.  

This one is a picture of one side of our well house and I used the same bee above to go around the entire fence...here and there..too cute.

 Here is a cute section of the inside fence...dragonflies...fun.

Here is one of me I took with Instagram...too much fun with hair wraps.  I have been back at the gym working out, also taking long walks, but still no running.  I am giving the running a bit more time, I'd like to make sure that my pelvic stress fracture is completely healed before I try to run.  Don't want to tempt fate or anything, lol. I hope that you are all feeling healthy and blessed, I sure am! Thanks for sticking with me through this injury and my infrequent blogging...Blessings!

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  1. Great to hear the update on how things are going for you! It's such a good feeling to take care of household projects, great job on the fence and well house. The stenciling is gorgeous and I love the hair wrap!

    I continue to wish you the speediest of recoveries from your injury. You'll be up and at 'em in no time, and when you do start running again you'll be stronger than ever!!!!! I hope that you continue feeling healthy and blessed!


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