Thursday, September 13, 2012

Running Again...& You Are Loved...What A Concept

Hello there sweet people! How has your week gone so far? 

My children just started back to school September 4th, *(thank goodness)* and I don't know about any of you parents out there in cyberspace but I have been dealing with a certain attitude in the morning, that puts me ill at ease, to say the least.  Anyone? Anyone? I like to call it the ripple effect!

 Just this morning I had to explain said ripple effect, once again, to my's how it goes.  When one person wakes up in a grumpy mood and shares that grrr with others, it acts as a stone thrown into a pond would.  It spreads. When you toss a stone into a pond it creates ripples that spread out and effect the water around that stone. My daughter and even sometimes my boys share their grrr with me in the morning and I sometimes react and the grrr spreads to others.  Has anyone dealt with this phenomenon this week?  

Sometimes I wish I could skip the tween/teen years altogether and go right to the years where the kids "get it"...sigh! 

This morning I had a sort of break down, you know the ones where you are sobbing and snot and tears are running down your face, no...well I am quite familiar with those moments. I just cannot believe how blessed I am, even though I'm so undeserving of such blessings from God.  I am human and as such, fail often in my walk with God and life in general.  I get mad, say things I shouldn't say, sometimes I'm selfish, and I can see where I have failed my children, husband, friends and God...yet I was reminded this morning that God doesn't love me because of what I did or how good I am...He loves me because of who He is and what He did.  His sacrifice made me loveable...I am humbled once again by my Heavenly Fathers love for little ole me.  Sorry if that is too deep a subject for a running blog but I really felt I needed to share this today...with YOU! God is love, and You are loved by God.

I have not run any huge races or accomplished any great feats..but I did run for the first time in 15 weeks and it felt oh so great.  I was almost sobbing as I was just felt so right and I am so grateful that God saw me through this injury and healed me.  I can run again.   I survived.  Yea God! 

I have been working out at the gym again...doing elliptical workouts, Adaptive Motion Trainer workouts...Expresso Bikes....walking, it's all be good, but I have probably been overdoing it.  I am feeling tired and soreness in every muscle below the waist, lol. So maybe today I will take it easy and rest...maybe.   How has life been treating y'all? Let me know, I really am interested to hear from you!

Oh, and one more thing..we finished our walkway that leads from the gate to the front door....what do you think?

Those smaller colored rocks are my special painted rocks.  Some of them have words painted on them like Faith, Hope, Love...some have sparkles...some have special dates on them like my wedding date...and others are just plain painted rocks.  I love my new walkway, it's beautiful. 

Godspeed...this comes from the Middle English expression "God spede (you)", a wish for success and fortune for one setting out on an enterprise, voyage, adventure, or travels. It may also mean good luck.

 "Limitations only exist if you let them" 

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  1. I absolutely know what you are talking about with the ripple effect. Certain people seem to enact their rippling much more frequently than others, too (translation: I've learned to keep my distance when necessary).

    Congratulations on running again after 15 weeks! That is AWESOME and I am SO HAPPY for you!!! I can only imagine how liberating you must have felt, and how relieved! As hard as it is, do take care not to jump back into it too quickly so as to put yourself at risk again - you deserve to be healthy and strong all the time!!!

    The walkway looks terrific! I absolutely love the colored rocks, they really make the walkway pop!

  2. Glad you can actually move again after 15 weeks of barely (or Bearly) moving at all! You are liberated. You are free again to "go for it." Yes!

    I should note, in passing, that in a family of Bears, everybody gets up with a Grrrr. Some are "I'm really feeling poorly; do I have to get up"? Some are "Lets cuddle for the rest of the morning." And from Cubs of a Certain Age, there are uncertain gRrRrs, meaning, "I really don't know how I'm feeling, but I really don't want to be doing anything but sleep at this hour of the day." Those are the more difficult ones which ripple through family. To deal with those, some school are starting classes at 10:00 a.m., and find that attendance is better and students do better. Sorry for the digression.

  3. I'm so happy to hear that you're getting back to your active life, Shannon. Hurray!

  4. So great that you are healed enough to run!

  5. Sounds like I have 2 things going for me: One, my kids aren't near teenage years yet, and two, my wife is the one at home getting them up in the mornings.

    Being able to run is an awesome feeling, especially when you haven't been able to do it in awhile. Keep the enjoyment going.

    I like the stone path, we have something similar at our house.

  6. What a wonderful news: you can run again. I am very happy. Take care now and don't be in hurry.
    Beautiful stone path.
    Have a good running Sunday.

  7. So glad to read that you are running again! You don't have to run far to be a runner. Just getting out there, even if it's just for a few minutes, can feel great. Yeah for you!


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