Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 2...Training For Half-Marathon

Sunday April 8th--Rest Day.  Spent most of the day just being with my family and doing some blogging for my other blog Faith~Hope~&~Love . All in all it was a fantastic and relaxing day.

Monday April 9th--Ran/walked 4.3 miles.  Originally I planned to run the four miles, but my 18 year old son George decided he needed to up his cardio health and wanted to run with me.  He is skinny and tall but out of shape, so we ended up taking a few walking breaks as he is not used to being that active anymore.  He plays the guitar and doesn't do a lot of physical activity these days and is figuring out that  his body needs to move more. When he was in middle school he was very active and did a lot of working out and playing basketball, but then he taught himself the guitar and decided that to be a musician he didn't need physical strength. Not sure why, but now several years later he is realizing that he isn't very strong and has little endurance...and he knows mom can help change that.  It was pretty shocking for him to say he wanted to run with me, I almost fell over.

Tuesday April 10th--Ran 2.5 miles.  Had to get out there as fast as I could @1:45 PM, in order to fit my run in before my daughter got off the bus @2:13 it was not as long as I had planned but it was good enough, plus it rained on least it was warm-ish.

Wednesday April 11th--Rest Day. Good day to rest, my lower back is a little sore from the 6 miler I did last week. I do have a plan for this weekend, to run a 6 miler again, but not sure it will work out.  We will see how things work out.

Thursday April 12th--Ran 4.3 miles.  George and I ran together again...he did so much better than last time and he actually is faster than me so it helped me run faster. I actually can run faster than I thought, especially since running with George showed me I can do it.  I am a happy mama tonight.

Friday April 13th--Rest Day.  I will spend today recovering from my hard fast run yesterday with George. Resting is important, especially before a race.

Saturday April 14th--Race day.  I will be at The Pear Blossom Run running the 5k instead of the 10 miler due to a foot injury earlier this year.  My son is running too, as well as my Sister-In-Law. It should be a fun day all around.  

Race was fantastic, although the weather was overcast.  My son Jesse did AMAZING for his first 5k and little training.  His time was 41:05, very proud of him.  I ran the fastest 5k ever, for me.  My last official 5k time was 34:36 with little training.  Today's 5k was so much fun, and so much bigger than the last.  We had 1199 women running it, and 1788 people altogether.  I came in 22nd out of 105 women in my age group (40-49) and out of all the 1,199 women who ran I came in 182nd, and out of all the 1,788 people who ran, I came in at 455th place overall. I shaved off 4 minutes and 23 seconds from my last time, and that is a very good thing.  My chip time was...30:13, but next year I will be under 30 minutes, count on it.

"Limitations only exist if you let them"

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  1. My son just took up running. He is getting ready to join the Army. I never thought I would see him running but he is doing it. FUN!

    Great job on your week!


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