Monday, April 16, 2012

Negative Splits

Negative splitting is where you run the first half of a race/run slower than the last half of a race/run.

When I ran my 5k this last Saturday, I ran negative splits.  My first mile and a half was slower than my last mile and a half, and I beat my previous PR by 4 minutes and 23 seconds.  

*When you run at slower than race pace in the first part of your race, you allow your muscles to warm up thoroughly, which helps to prevent injuries, as you all know.

*It also gradually increases how hard your heart and lungs have to work, so it's less of a shock to your system.

*Endorphins will naturally be boosted in the second half, and you'll have increased energy that will allow you to run faster without feeling so much effort.

*Negative splits offer quicker post-run recoveries.

*When you consistently run negative splits you'll inevitably become a faster runner.

For example...When you run your next out and back try this, run to your destination at a slower pace than normal and on your way back speed it up to a faster than normal pace;  this will naturally inspire a negative run. 

You can do this on a track and just use your stopwatch to time each lap, or you can choose to do multiple interval runs of a mile at a time etc, whatever you do just run the first part slower than normal and the second half faster than normal.

So make a plan and go out and run some negative splits during your next few runs and see if it works like it's supposed to.  Then send me a line or comment and let me know how it's working for you personally. Good luck and God bless.

"Limitations only exist if you let them"

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1 comment:

  1. I try to run negative splits in races but need a lot of work on this one!

    Congrats on your 5K PR!


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